Bandirma Paddy Rice Processing and Storage Plants

The plant started to operate in August 2000 in an area of 52,550 square meters. Processing and storing paddy rice, the plant operates as a closed system with full automation. The factory and the storehouse area can be controlled by the automation room. The plant has the quality standards of ISO 14001, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001. Its A-type storehouses are one of the leading storage plants in Turkey which have also been defined by the Ankara Customs Directorate as a good example in terms of their structure and management.

Technical Processes:

The paddy rice stored in silos is delivered to the factory after it is weighed on flow control devices. The impurities are taken out by the sieves, its coverings are peeled and then it goes through the shining and whitening process. Then rice goes through a sortex device which blows all materials other than the rice itself and then it is packaged. On the other hand in the A-type storehouse area, imported goods are stored under customs inspection and rented to customers if necessary. Here temperature of the stored goods is monitored periodically by the help of heat wires and therefore quality of the goods is kept under control constantly.

  • Capacity of Paddy Rice Cracking: 79,200 tonnes per year – 11 tonnes per hour
  • Capacity of Rice Production: 51,480 tonnes per year
  • Capacity of Broken Rice Production: 6,330 tonnes per year
  • Capacity of Bran Production: 7,920 tonnes per year
  • Capacity of Hull Production: 15,840 tonnes per day
  • Storage Capacity: 130,000 – 150,000 tonnes