Field of Activities

Importing Animal Feed Raw Materials and Oilseed

Cracking Oilseeds

Planting, Processing and Cracking Rice

A-Class Warehousing

Free Zone Management

Processing Beetroots

Neither soybeans nor canola grow in sufficient amounts in Turkey. They are imported from America, Argentine and Ukraine by Torunlar Gıda The raw oil obtained from soybean and canola production is on the market as unpackaged oil, whereas oilcake is sold as animal feed. Torunlar Gıda also imports soybean and canola seeds necessary for oil production.

Bandirma Oilseed Cracking Mill Factory is one of the biggest raw oil factory investments in Turkey with its capacity and multi-seed cracking capability. All soybeans, sunflowers and canola are processed within the same factory. On the other hand Kucukdikili and Karatas vegetable oil factories in Adana factory have an oilseed cracking capacity of around 200,000 tonnes per year.

Rice planting is made on 4,000 acres of land in Uzunkopru. On the other hand 79,200 tonnes of rice in Bandirma Rice Factory, 50,000 tonnes of rice in Mersin Factory and 50,000 tonnes of rice in Uzunkopru Factory are processed per year.

All imported goods are stored under customs inspection and rented to customers if necessary. Temperature of the stored goods is monitored periodically by the help of heat wires. By this way the quality of the stored goods are kept under control constantly. In the factory labs all necessary analysis is done on raw materials and end products.

In Kütahya Sugar Factory crystal sugar is produced, whereas beet molasses and wet beet pulp are also obtained as a by-product during beet sugar processing.